Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Welcome to the Eiswnhower 2nd Grade Website!


GREG TANG MATH - Great Games to try out or Even read the books!

Dog Bone - Finding Numbers in a 100 Grid.

Spooky Sequence - Identifying the missing number.

Power Lines #1 - Create power lines using the given number.

Speed Challenge Subtraction - Find the missing numbers, how many can you get?

Multiplication Snow Ball Fight  - Practice your basic multiplication facts.

Multiplication Racing - Race against the computer or friends in Multiplication.

WHO WANTS TO BE A MATHIONAIRE? - Play the classic game show with this math twist.

Cross the Swamp - Play an Algebra game that helps you learn math!


Measurement Game - Practice measuring in centimeters and and inches.

Read a Thermometer - Reading a thermometer practice.

Area and Perimeter - Measure and identify Area and Perimeter of objects.


Match Game - Try different difficulties in a new Match Game.

Math Lingo - A fun game to match words with math.