Welcome Roosevelt Volunteers!

All volunteers for Anoka-Hennepin are required to complete, specific to each school and school year:

  • Volunteer Application form
  • Criminal Background Check (CBC) Release form, online
Both forms are located to left side of this page. Once both forms are completed and verified by Volunteer Service Coordinator (VSC) you will be cleared to come into the school and volunteer.
There is an additional approval process required for any volunteers:
  • going on any field trips
  • coaching or assisting with sports or activity clubs
  • working with money/fundraising for the school

By filling out these forms you are in no way obligated to volunteer at RMS but it does give you the opportunity to volunteer at RMS.

Jennifer Hansen
Roosevelt  Volunteer Services Coordinator(VSC)

Roosevelt Volunteer Opportunities - March/April

Wednesday April 2, Popcorn Day, 10:00 am -1:30 pm
Assist student council students with making popcorn for staff during lunch for staff appreciation week.

Tues. April 8 to Fri. 11, Flower Grams Sales
7:45-8:30 am
Help foster school spirit and students encouraging each other by assisting student council with this project, help with sales and order slips.

Tues. April 15 and Wed. 16, MCA Testing Hall Monitors
8:25 -10:50 am
Assist with hall and bathroom monitoring during state MCA reading tests, bring a book or quiet project.

LMC (Library) Inventory
Any days or time during school day, between now and end of April

Come assist the library staff with inventory of books and media materials sometime before end of April. This will be an ongoing project until it is done. Come whatever days you can, as often as you can, for as long as you can.

School Calendar Dates to Remember:
4/1 - Site Council Meeting
4/3 - Spring Picture Day
4/3 & 4/7 - FMSC Community Outreach Event
4/15 - Site Council and RPPT Meetings
4/15 &16 - MCA Testing
4/18 and 4/21 - No School
4/24 - 5th Grade Welcome

Volunteer Appreciation at Roosevelt Middle School

Raise your glasses in the air and give three rousing cheers
To all of the extraordinary super volunteers
They always share their time with enthusiastic hearts
They appear from out of nowhere to do their special parts
Whenever there's a project or a task to be completed
You can always count on them, they never are defeated
Their smiles are genuine and their attitudes are winning
Surely they must be the ones who keep this old world spinning
So if there is a job to do- Don't shrink back in fear
Just see out the expertise- Of a Volunteer!
by Kitty Conners

February Drawing Recipient - Deanna Valnes

Deanna is a long time volunteer who is always willing to lend a hand at the last minute. She has also been known to recruit friends and family members to volunteer when we need the extra help.

January Drawing Recipient - Julie Laciskey

Julie is one of our volunteers who enjoys the at home projects. She has helped with things like Boxtops, Campbells and Birthday Cards for several years.

December Drawing Recipient - Laura Knapp

Laura is a long time RMS volunteer. who has been very active in many areas of volunteering. She started her RMS volunteering as a classroom volunteer for Ms. Gruenwald. Laura is a sub for the district now but still volunteers when she can.

November Drawing Recipient - Allison Peterson

Allison started volunteering for Roosevelt last year. When she can't make it into school to help she enjoys volunteering from home working with Box-Tops for Education, Campbell's Labels or B-Day Cards for RMS students.

October Drawing Recipient - Kari Kurtz

Kari started volunteering at RMS last year. She has a 7th grader and has been mostly volunteering with things she can do from home. We really appreciate her willingness to tackle those at home projects, especially when it involves bringing in a tasty treat to thank the staff during conferences.

September Drawing Recipient - Smita Joshi

Smita is a fairly new volunteer to RMS, although she has an 8th grader here. Smita has  been regularly volunteering in the IMC and I know that Mrs. Riviere and Mrs. Schultz really appreciate all she does for them.

Roosevelt Middle School

Volunteer Opportunities 2013-2014

Open House/Conference Assistance – varies

Cafeteria Assistance – first two weeks of school

Roosevelt Partnership Team (RPPT) – monthly

 RMS Site Council Parent Representatives – twice a month

 Organizational Skills Program – weekly/per trimester

Campbell’s/Box Tops Assistance/ Birthday Card Assistance – occasionally at home

 IMC (library) Assistance – weekly/bi-weekly

Classroom Assistance – weekly/bi-weekly

Cultural Day/Spanish Speaking Testing Assistance – varies

 WEB/Student Council Assistance – varies

 Fieldtrip Chaperone – varies

 Shake–it-up Day – fall/spring

QSP Fundraiser Assistance – fall

 Dance Chaperone – fall/winter

Vision Screening– fall

 Book Fair – fall/spring

MCA Test Prep – spring

 Hall/Test Monitor – spring

RMS Play Assistance - spring

Track Meet Timers – spring

5th Grade Welcome – spring

Art Display Assistance – spring

 RMS Arts and Academic Night Set-Up – spring

 Be sure to turn in your 2013-2014 Volunteer Applications!

Please check out our Roosevelt Partnership Team (RPPT). Follow the link on the RMS main page for this group. If you are interested in being a part of this group please contact me using contact information on this page.

Jennifer Hansen
Volunteer Services Coordinator