Welcome to ECFE

Offering parent/child classes, home visiting and activities at local ECFE locations.

Families Catalog WS 2014The Families Winter Spring 2014 catalog can be viewed on this website! Click here to download a pdf the catalog or click the image to the right to view online.

Winter Spring ECFE classes began the week of January 27. "Learn More" in the left column has information about ECFE locations, playtime and more. No pre-registration is needed for Family Playtime. Please call our office at 763-506-1275 if you need more information.

The Families Summer 2014 catalog will be available May 1. Registration for summer ECFE classes will begin on Monday, May 12.

To receive the Families catalog as a regular mailing, please call the school district census department at 763-506-1030. You should also call if you have moved or if you have a new baby.